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ChemDog revolutionized the industry with some seeds obtained at a Greatful Dead concert They exist around 91 known strains of OG Kush and ChemDawg, but where did it originate? He actual origin of OG Kush it tends to be a little different, depending on who you talk to. However, there are some things that all stories have in common. For example, we know that OG Kush started out as a BagSeed (the kind of seeds that are obtained from flowers or buds that should have been seedless) that the legendary ChemDog bought at a concert and contained seeds with later called Chemdawg genetics. Spectacular chemdawg bud...

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The best Kush strains of all time What is kush? You've probably heard of Sativa, Indica and hybrid when it comes to marijuana or weed. These are cannabis strains that are classified by the morphology of the plant or herb. But have you heard of kush? It is a specific variety of cannabis that is originated in the Hindu Kush mountains located near the border of Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.  It falls mainly on the hybrid category Indica instead of Sativa, but there are many hybrid Kush varieties. Compared to other cannabis strains, it can have indicative sedative effects that cause drowsiness, but also euphoria and joy. Despite...

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The five most common terpenes in cannabis Sometimes all the terms surrounding the world of cannabis can be confusing. You may know the basic concepts as indica, sativa and hybrids And you can tell the difference between all three (indicas tend to be milder, sativas are more energetic, and hybrids are a good balance of the two). And you probably have a basic understanding of major cannabinoids like THC and CBD. But are you familiar with the term terpene? Did you know that your experience with cannabis could be affected by these chemical compounds? Terpenes (also called isoprenoids) they do not place you, that's the job...

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